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The Pigeon specializes in affordable, guaranteed Pigeon Control and Pigeon Removal services for the entire Las Vegas area. We can handle any pigeon problem on any type of property – whether it be residential, commercial, or industrial sites. No pigeon control job is too big or too small for our fully trained technicians to handle. We also offer pigeon jobsite cleaning and “disinfecting” with all our jobs.

The Pigeon Specialist is one of the leading Pigeon Removal experts in the entire industry. The owners have over 30 years experience in the Pest Industry. Getting rid of pigeon problems in a humane, professional, and timely manner offering the best and longest guarantees in the Las Vegas market. Our prices are always competitive, in fact, we offer to beat any licensed pest control companies written quote. We believe that a quality pigeon control service does not necessarily have to be costly. Conversely we also believe that low-cost jobs do not always mean that you get a poor quality service! The Pigeon Specialist prides itself as a company and offers a 100% Customer Satisfaction no matter what the job costs. In our current economy we understand that many customers are shopping for the cheapest prices with the best quality service. Our “WEB DISCOUNTS” can further help achieve these goals while also getting rid of your pest problems.

By using the very latest pigeon control products and exclusion technology our expert technicians can utilize their skills and knowledge to meet all the challenges associated with our Pigeon Control Service. Using an experienced professional is so very important to your family, pets, and home.
(For More Info on Pigeon Damage & Diseases Click Here). Pigeon extermination is sometimes the only alternative to get rid of pigeon problems in extreme cases. But only as a last resort. By using exclusion, live trapping, or flock dispersal programs we can usually take care of and accomplish our mission without harming the birds. We have all the available pigeon removal products and devices ranging from physical exclusion, audio and visual deterrent devices, as well as chemical and low voltage electrical tracks to remove these pesky birds from your property. Depending on the extent of infestation and the customers budget restraints can quite often dictate what method is best. Our trained staff can go over all your options. This way you can be comfortable and determine which bird control package is best for you.

Or Arrange an Appointment by phone @ 702-837-8147.

Why do Pigeon Control?

* Bio Hazard Alert

Pigeon Droppings Carry Over 60 Diseases

Very Dangerous For Kids & Pets.

Average Pigeon Poop's 40-50 x Per Day

Pigeon Droppings Are Very Acidic and can cause Damage to Paint, Cars, Stucco, & Tile Roofs.

Nesting Materials are a Fire Hazard

Slip & Fall Liabilities

The longer you wait the more damage. Costing your more in the long run.

We Specialize In:
Pigeon problems
Pigeon pest
Pigeon spike installation
Pigeon netting
Pigeon infestation clean-up
Pigeon exclusion
Pigeon proofing
Pigeon trapping
Pigeon elimination
Pigeon repelling
Pigeon extermination
Bird extermination
Bird problems
Bird removals
Bird control
Bird spike installation
Bird netting
Getting rid of birds
Catching pigeons
Humane bird removal
Removing pigeons
Removing birds
Pest removal



The Pigeon Specialist - Division of Allstate Pest Control NV License # 6719
Phone: 702-837-8147 Address: 103 Chatara Way Las Vegas, Nevada 89148